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33 New Montgomery Street, Suite 310
San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 508-4340

goCloudOffice is a San Francisco-base tech support and cloud management company for small businesses in the Bay Area and beyond. goCloudOffice provides comprehensive, professional tech services and support, including: cloud email and calendar, file share, backup and restore, phone and fax, cloud apps, scan and print, asset management, cloud management, security, and maintenance. 



Ralph Joedicke

Ralph Joedicke is the co-founder and CEO of goCloudOffice™, overseeing IT support and cloud management services. Taking a hands-on approach to client interaction, Mr. Joedicke is involved in all aspects of goCloudOffice™ to ensure seamless cloud integration and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Ralph Joedicke entered the tech industry in 1981, and has since worked with various Fortune 500 companies, architecting large scale database systems. At heart, Ralph is a true geek with a passion for helping small businesses utilize the latest in cloud technology for their benefit.

Previously, Ralph J. co-founded AUCCESS, LLC which would later merge into goCloudOffice™ in 2013.


Mareike Joedicke

Mareike Joedicke (MJ) is the co-founder and VP of Business Development at goCloudOffice™, focusing on client acquisition and sales. MJ oversees overall corporate strategy and finds satisfaction in seeing her clients remain productive, competitive, and secure while transitioning to the cloud. With over fifteen years of management experience, MJ’s priority is to offer her small business clients a way to take advantage of the innovative tools emerging on the IT landscape.

MJ co-founded goCloudOffice™ with her partner, Ralph J, in 2003 (originally AUCCESS, LLC).