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33 New Montgomery Street, Suite 310
San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 508-4340

goCloudOffice is a San Francisco-base tech support and cloud management company for small businesses in the Bay Area and beyond. goCloudOffice provides comprehensive, professional tech services and support, including: cloud email and calendar, file share, backup and restore, phone and fax, cloud apps, scan and print, asset management, cloud management, security, and maintenance. 


Small Biz + Cloud = Winning Team

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, one of San Francisco's top law firms was faced with a dilemma. Their long-time office manager, Chloe, announced her pregnancy and her husband's forthcoming job transfer to New York City.

As her coworkers bid her congratulations and farewell, the firm scrambled to replace Chloe. However, after settling in with a new office manager, the firm’s once smooth-running office soon became chaotic. The new office manager was unable to adjust to the busy demands of the workplace, often missing critical deadlines, misunderstanding the billing system and not coordinating attorney appointments properly.

Fortunately, the law firm had goCloudOffice, which had moved the company's phone, email, calendar, files and backup into the cloud just a few months earlier. This new cloud office setup came to the rescue, as everyone agreed on a solution:

"Go get Chloe a new laptop and hire her back!"

goCloudOffice was able to connect Chloe to the law firm's cloud office, enabling her to work remotely from her home office in New York. The transition was straightforward, hassle-free and convenient.

First, Chloe was linked into the San Francisco office’s phone system via the cloud. Even though she lives 2,906 miles away, she can use the same area code and phone number, answer phone calls placed to the San Francisco office, connect callers to her colleagues and receive voicemails.

Next, we set up Chloe’s email and calendar in the law firm's cloud email account. Through the cloud, she can manage appointments and important events virtually – from her computer and mobile devices – without any special server hardware.

Finally, her whole team began efficiently sharing files through a cloud file share setup. Instead of emailing files back and forth, they now collaborate in the cloud, where access to their files is simple and secure. The firm’s opposing counsel also has secure access to extensive discovery information on private cloud drives. Best of all, every file in the cloud is automatically stored and backed up on a special backup cloud, so if any computer ever breaks or disappears, the cloud files are still intact. This gives Chloe, her team and the entire firm great peace of mind.

Thanks to the company's cloud office setup, Chloe is able to continue her position with the company from her new home, and the firm is once again running smoothly!

Is your business facing a similar situation? Or do you just want to benefit from all the cloud has to offer? goCloudOffice can keep your workforce connected, too! With more knowledge of small-business tech support and IT infrastructure than any other IT service provider, we help you create a connected, secure and smooth work environment – in the cloud!

Also, if you’re a law firm, please take a look at what our comprehensive law firm solutions can do for you.