Our Mission

Helping small businesses successfully transition to, and securely operate in the cloud; forging long-term relationships through best-in-class ongoing support and IT consulting.

Our Story

goCloudOffice, Inc. was founded in January of 2003 (as AUCCESS, LLC) by Ralph Joedicke, a dynamic tech entrepreneur with a passion for bringing IT services to the small business community. By leveraging the power of the cloud, goCloudOffice provides top-tier IT support to countless businesses.

Today, we are THE small business cloud specialists saving clients from IT nightmares. 

Our Founders


Ralph Joedicke

Ralph Joedicke is the co-founder and CEO of goCloudOffice, overseeing IT support and cloud management services. Taking a hands-on approach to client interaction, Ralph is involved in all aspects of goCloudOffice to ensure seamless cloud integration and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Ralph entered the tech industry in 1981, and has since worked with various Fortune 500 companies, architecting large-scale database systems. At heart, Ralph is a true geek with a passion for helping small businesses utilize the latest in cloud technology.

Previously, Ralph founded AUCCESS, LLC which would later merge into goCloudOffice in 2013.


Mareike Joedicke

Mareike Joedicke is the co-founder at goCloudOffice. She oversees overall corporate strategy and finds satisfaction in seeing her clients remain productive, competitive, and secure while transitioning to the cloud. With over fifteen years of management experience, MJ’s priority is to offer her small business clients a way to take advantage of the innovative tools emerging on the IT landscape.